The Island’s adopted anthem is sung in public at the Liberation celebrations on 9th May each year, and has become a ‘new tradition’. For many years the honour fell to Sadie Le Sueur, who was equally at home singing the Jersey-French version. Now other voices will carry the tune - but few Islanders know the words! 

Whilst some dismiss it as a worthless dirge, it has a special meaning for many Islanders - particularly those who survived the Occupation, either in Jersey or away from home. It has been dubbed ‘the song that breaks a hundred hearts’, and is well-known as a tear-jerker!

Beautiful Jersey lyrics

There's a spot that I love that I ne'er can forget,
Tho' far I may roam 'twill be dear.
For its beauty will linger in memory yet,
Where'er o'er the world I may steer.
Dear Jersey, fair Isle, of the ocean the queen,
Thy charms are so many and rare;
For love finds a home 'mid each beauteous scene,
My heart ever longs to be there.

Beautiful Jersey, gem of the sea,
Ever my heart turns in longing to thee;
Bright are the mem'ries you waken for me,
Beautiful Jersey, gem of the sea.

On thy shores I have wandered in glad days of yore,
With one who is dear to my heart.
And the love-links will bind us as one evermore,
Although for a while we must part.
And oft in my dreams do I see the dear place
The dear little Isle of the sea,
And in fancy I gaze on a sweet loving face,
The face that is dearest to me.

The chorus in Jersey French

Man bieau p'tit Jèrri, la reine des îles -
Lieu dé ma naissance, tu m'pâsses bein près du tchoeu;
Ô, tchi doux souv'nîn du bouon temps qu' j'ai ieu
Quand j'pense a Jèrri, la reine des îles!