Jersey War Tunnels tells the compelling story of islanders under Occupation. Rendered defenceless by the UK, Jersey residents had to choose between staying and going, both of them as uncertain as each other. Those who remained, without weapons to fight with, found their own ways to resist before finally, after five long years, the day of liberation arrived.

Take a look at the video for a preview of some of the War Tunnels’ exhibitions.



Upcoming Events

War Tunnels Reopen Date
01/03 to 25/11/2013

Audio Visual Exhibition
01/03 to 25/11/2013

The Pantry Cafe
15/03 to 25/11/2013

Stug Replica Tank
01/04 to 25/11/2013

Jersey War Tunnel Shuttle Bus
01/04 to 25/11/2013
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