Liberation 75 Postcard

Which image do you think best tells the story of Jersey's liberation?

2020 marks the 75th-anniversary of Liberation Day and the end of Jersey's occupation under German rule.

To celebrate Liberation 75, Jersey War Tunnels are commissioning a free commemorative postcard that will be gifted to visitors during the 2020 season.

The decision on which image to choose we have left to you - the public!

Below are six images to choose from. To vote for your favourite Liberation Day image, pick either Postcard A, B, C, D, E or F and enter your details below.

Voting ends on Friday, January 24th 2020. The chosen postcard will be announced the following week.

Postcard A

Hoisting the flag

Postcard B

Jubilant crowd

Postcard C

Marching soldiers

Postcard D

Lifted by the people

Postcard E

Celebrations outside the Pomme d'Or

Postcard F

Welcoming the soldier

Choose your favourite postcard