Learn about life in occupied Jersey, with tales of ordinary lives lived under extraordinary circumstances.


In this new project, we have worked with local historians to gather stories from people who experienced life under German occupation, either told first hand or passed down the generations in local families. They tell tales of everyday life, surprising events and often unexpectedly funny situations - but always the human story, of people surviving and living their life under extraordinary circumstances.

Stories include:

Leaving home

Ann Bright (née Pearce) recalls leaving Jersey in 1940 with her family, with difficult choices to make and an uncertain future ahead.

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A treasured gift

The extraordinary story of a gift presented to the Captain of the Red Cross ship SS Vega, and its unexpected return to Jersey 50 years later.

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Spreading the news

The unlikely rebels who took huge risks to secretly spread the news to islanders, including a seemingly innocent district nurse!

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Telling Porkies

Many tricks and deceptions were carried out by islanders during the Occupation as the demand for pork grew on the black market.

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Beautiful Jersey

The 'song that breaks a hundred hearts' is regularly sung during the celebration of Jersey’s liberation - but do you know the lyrics?

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The Gift

In a time of extreme fear, one moving tale about a farmer’s widow embodies the compassion and kindness shown by islanders during the Occupation.

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We will be adding more stories over the coming weeks and months, so be sure to check back on the website. And if you or your friends and family have any stories of life during Jersey's occupation you would like to tell, please do get in touch at